It was four weeks ago when I announced that I would have left, and my departure date was just a week later.
I had already said that the plans were not clear and that I would have decided on the go, after three weeks, what I would have done afterwards.
Now that those weeks have passed, I ticked off days from the calendar and I blew my twentyone candles here.
Right in the last post, I told you about how I spent most of my time among chats and the several people who have come and gone here at the Banana Eco Camp, and I thought I might share part of the adventure here. I really hope it will help me remember my experience in the future.



Life at the camp is made of a continuous back and forth of people.
People who travel alone, couples, families,
at the beginning of their trip, in the middle or at the end, exhausted from the weeks of pure adrenaline.
People from all over the world, with every kind of story and luggage.
People so different from one another but that later gather all around the same bonfire and eat at the same table.

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Quando ho annunciato che sarei partita erano quattro settimane fa, e dopo una sarei partita.
Avevo già detto che i piani non erano chiari e che avrei deciso sul momento, passate tre settimane, cos’avrei fatto successivamente.
E le fatidiche settimane sono già scorse, ho cancellato giorni sul calendario e ho spento le mie ventuno candeline qui.
Ho raccontato proprio nell’ultimo post che ho passato molto del mio tempo tra le chiacchiere e le varie persone che si sono intercambiate qui al Banana Eco Camp, e ho pensato che condividere parte dell’avventura qui mi aiuterà a ricordare con il tempo la mia super esperienza.


La vita nel camp è fatta di un andirivieni costante di persone.
Persone che viaggiano da sole, coppie, famiglie,
all’inizio del loro viaggio, a metà dell’avventura o alla fine, stremati dalle settimane di pura adrenalina.
Persone da ogni parte del mondo, con ogni tipo di storia e di valigia.

Persone così diverse che poi si ritrovano tutte attorno allo stesso falò e a mangiare alla stessa tavola.


Pre-departure – Veronica goes back to wander.

Una Veronica Vagante is ready to go back to wander.

Extremely happy, super excited, over the moon.
But then I think about it a little better, I step my feet on the ground, and, in spite of the strong will, some anxiety shows up.

Let me explain what my next adventure will be more properly.

Leggilo in italiano: Pre-partenza – Veronica torna a vagare.

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Pre-partenza – Veronica torna a vagare.

Una Veronica Vagante è pronta per tornare a vagare.

Felicissima, estasiata, al settimo cielo.
Poi ci ripenso un pochino meglio, metto i piedi per terra, e, nonostante la voglia, un po’ di ansia mi viene.

Ma fammi spiegare meglio quale sarà la mia prossima avventura.

Read it in English: Pre-departure – Veronica goes back to wander.


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Le Ragazze Vaganti | SABRINA – the series

The series Le Ragazze Vaganti is back. This series has the aim of telling the experiences of wandering girls in order to inspire other young women to explore.
Last week Maria Matus was killed at the beginning of her trip around the world. With this tragic event, the hashtag #noviajaba sola (she didn’t travel alone) was born, simbolizing the fact that leaving alone doesn’t mean being it, and that she didn’t travel alone, as well as I don’t and neither do you.
Any of us could have been Maria, but the solution certainly isn’t staying at homa and so isn’t giving up on your dreams and your freedom.


My name is Sabrina, I’m 29 years old and a digital nomad. I left Italy in 2009 when I attended university in Paris. Once graduated, I left for a year of van life in Australia and for some months wandering around South-east Asia. I tried to go back to Italy, but freelance life in Milan wasn’t for me at all. I’ve been managing my clients remotely since December 2017, working just enough in the Philippines and in Indonesia. My greatest passion is surfing and now I can do it every day!

You can follow me on my website and on Instagram.

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5 days SOLO TREKKING in the Julian Alps | THE JOURNEY

“You live in your own world, but thank you for showing me that everything can work perfectly in other ways, too.”
This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve been told so far, and even I just partially agree, it’s part of what made me take the decision to take this trip.
I put together different trails for a five-days trekking alone in the Julian Alps, in the North-eastern part of Italy, next to the borders with Austria and Slovenia.

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