Ultimate guide of TERCEIRA, Azores

Three weeks on the island pass by quickly.
Quickly, but maybe not so much.

The 90kms long perimeter of the island can be visited in very few time, and in three days you can visit everything.
What did I do the rest of the days?
I relaxed, I worked at the Banana Eco Camp, and I planned my next stop. (In the next few days I will publish a post explaining everything)

As I had already written in the previous post, the main towns are on the coast – Angra do Heroismo, Praia da Vitoria, Biscoitos… While in the interior of the island, the only inhabitants are cows – while joking with some guests of the camp, we said that there are more cows that inhabitants in Terceira, just to give you an idea of the number.

Leggilo in italiano: TERCEIRA – istruzioni d’uso per visitare l’isola
Photo tour by Azores 38N

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