Couple walking on a tree in Casa de Campo, Madrid, Spain

The 7 best parks to visit in Madrid | Spain

During my almost two years in Madrid, I had the opportunity to visit the city as a tourist but also as a local.
Whenever I had the chance to, I loved to take the metro or walk to explore its parks.
I know that during the summer the city can get extremely warm, and parks are a great place to seek for heat relief while continuing to visit the city.

Here below you can find my top 7 favorite parks that I think you would love and should add to your travel list!

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Egness e cosa sapere prima di andare in Spagna | Le Guide Vaganti

Un paese fondamentale in Una Veronica Vagante è la Spagna.

La Spagna che mi ha ospitata per tre bellissimi mesi nella mia prima avventura che ha fatto nascere il blog, e da cui sono poi tornata varie volte.

E, indovina un po’? Tra poco sarò nuovamente su un aereo per vivere un’altra piccola avventura a Madrid.

elche_veronicaPer me è sempre stato importante avere  una conoscenza base della lingua del paese in cui vado, per essere sicura di riuscire a gestire la situazione in qualsiasi (o quasi) situazione.



Così ho chiesto aiuto alla mia amica Egness, un’insegnante di spagnolo che ha deciso di lasciare qualche consiglio da cittadina spagnola e viaggiatrice nella nuova serie “Le Guide Vaganti”… Continua a leggere “Egness e cosa sapere prima di andare in Spagna | Le Guide Vaganti”

BARCELONA – everything happens for a reason | 3 days

Every time I catch a bus, a train, a plane or even just put on my shoes,
that’s when I start my adventure.

And you know, adventure are made of a small quantity of planning, and a lot of changes;
many many photos, some new food, and new stories to tell.
I did it in Elche last summer, as I have been doing for all my life.

But this time, in Barcelona, I realized that every city I go to
actually means something more to me.
Something that is not related to a monument nor a person.
You know when you get back to your room and you are so tired that your mind goes wherever it wants?
Well, that is the moment when I think I have the greatest connection to myself.
I simply feel what I feel, I don’t have any restriction nor obligation,
and I usually am capable of using that moment to reflect.

In Barcelona, I came with the conclusion that everything happens for a reason.

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Le Ragazze Vaganti | Sara B.

The second post of the series Le Ragazze Vaganti, made by Wandering Girls for Wandering Girls.
If you haven’t read the first episode yet, check it out: LE RAGAZZE VAGANTI- the series |Soňa

Sara, Italian, 27 years old and two birthdays spent in Barcelona.
I have a degree in International Economy, and I had my first real working experience in Barcelona.
I love the blue sky, a hot cup of tea with my sister, Zeno’s ice cream eaten sitting on the stairs.
I don’t like drinking tea alone, supermarket’s ice-cream and the fog.


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