VERONA – 10 places to fall in love with

Italy is a country full of history and art, but at times the traditional lifestyle can become too old and restricted for the younger generation. 

And that is what happened to me. I needed to go abroad, to have an experience that could open my eyes and let me see better the reality I was living in. 

I spent an entire summer working in Spain, and when I came back, I realized how fascinating the city I grew up in was. 

So, let me show you some of the reasons why Verona, a city in Northern Italy, is worth a trip to! 

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Trieste – one-day trip in Italy

There is a city on the border between sea and mountain, made of wide streets, beautiful buildings, and some daring hills.

There is a city where, still in these days, different cultures meet,
from the Italian to the Greek-Orthodox,
from the Slovenian to the Hebrew.

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