Summer is synonym to many other words.
Sun, outdoor activities, beach, sea, holiday, party, ice-cream,
but mainly music.

Among the goals I want to accomplish before turning 30, there is to take part in a music festival.
I have always thought of them as a great chance to enjoy yourself while listening to some great music, making new friends, and discovering new places.
Festivals are, indeed, the perfect opportunity to discover a new country.
And most of them are hosted in natural parks and off-the-beaten paths.

Are you curious to read what are the 10 festivals I choose for you?

These are my ultimate destinations to European music festivals for the upcoming summer:

  1. Bilbao BBK live (Spain): their line-up is quite impressive, with Florence and the Machine on the very beginning, and other amazing artists such as The XX, The Chemical Brothers, and many others.
    The BBK live is set in the outskirt of the city of Bilbao, on the green area of mount Kobeta (Kobetamendi in the local language, Euskera).
    Did you know that its logo are two mountains?


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Egness e cosa sapere prima di andare in Spagna | Le Guide Vaganti

Un paese fondamentale in Una Veronica Vagante è la Spagna.

La Spagna che mi ha ospitata per tre bellissimi mesi nella mia prima avventura che ha fatto nascere il blog, e da cui sono poi tornata varie volte.

E, indovina un po’? Tra poco sarò nuovamente su un aereo per vivere un’altra piccola avventura a Madrid.

elche_veronicaPer me è sempre stato importante avere  una conoscenza base della lingua del paese in cui vado, per essere sicura di riuscire a gestire la situazione in qualsiasi (o quasi) situazione.



Così ho chiesto aiuto alla mia amica Egness, un’insegnante di spagnolo che ha deciso di lasciare qualche consiglio da cittadina spagnola e viaggiatrice nella nuova serie “Le Guide Vaganti”… Continua a leggere “Egness e cosa sapere prima di andare in Spagna | Le Guide Vaganti”

#wheninEdinburgh | top 5 parks to see

In November, I took my first trip ever to the United Kingdom.
Of course, I had some expectations and had created some ideas about how the country looked like.
However, as soon as I reached the city of Edinburgh, my destination, I knew I was wrong.

One of the biggest and wrongest stereotypes when thinking about a British city is that they are grey.
Grey, sad, and rainy.

When in Edinburgh, I walked through the whole city, and discovered incredibly beautiful green spots.

In this post, I want to share with you this almost unknown aspect of the Scottish capital.

Are you ready to take note of the five of them?


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BARCELONA – everything happens for a reason | 3 days

Every time I catch a bus, a train, a plane or even just put on my shoes,
that’s when I start my adventure.

And you know, adventure are made of a small quantity of planning, and a lot of changes;
many many photos, some new food, and new stories to tell.
I did it in Elche last summer, as I have been doing for all my life.

But this time, in Barcelona, I realized that every city I go to
actually means something more to me.
Something that is not related to a monument nor a person.
You know when you get back to your room and you are so tired that your mind goes wherever it wants?
Well, that is the moment when I think I have the greatest connection to myself.
I simply feel what I feel, I don’t have any restriction nor obligation,
and I usually am capable of using that moment to reflect.

In Barcelona, I came with the conclusion that everything happens for a reason.

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#WheninEdinburgh| 15 cose da fare

WHEN IN EDINBURGH, ti accorgerai che saresti dovuto andare molto, molto prima.
Le luci, la città, la natura, i castelli… Mi sentivo come se stessi vivendo un’altra (bellissima) realtà.

Ad Edimburgo, tutto è così intenso e così unico che è impossibile non apprezzarlo!

Nonostante sia stato un viaggio piuttosto corto, siamo riuscite a spuntare tutte le cose dalla lista che avevamo fatto prima della partenza.

Ho condiviso questo viaggio con una mia carissima amica, e abbiamo avuto così l’opportunità di celebrare i nostri 15 anni di amicizia – un bel traguardo, vero?

Raccogliendo informazioni su Edimburgo, ho commesso il gravissimo errore di pensare che non ci fosse poi così tanto da fare.
Non potevo sbagliarmi di più!


Questo è quello puoi facilmente fare in quattro o cinque giorni:

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#WheninEdinburgh | 15 things to do

WHEN IN EDINBURGH, you will realize you should have gone there way sooner.
The light, the city, nature, the castles… I felt as if I was living another (beautiful) life.

In Edinburgh, everything was so intense and so unique, that it’s impossible not to enjoy it!

It was quite a short trip, but we managed to check all the things out of the list we made before the departure.

I shared this trip with a very good friend of mine, and we had the chance to celebrate 15 years of friendship – quite an achievement, isn’t it?

While I was gathering information about Edinburgh, I made the mistake to think that there wasn’t much to do in the city.
I couldn’t be more wrong!


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Marseille | street and art in 10 photos

Every city has some magic when you wander in its streets.
But, because of different factors, it can be challenging appreciating some of them.
And what is the reason why we love others?

Visiting a city means, to me, to explore it inch by inch and to walk around as much as possible.
Liking a city, on the other hand, means to love its streets, its colours…


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