The 7 best parks to visit in Madrid | Spain

During my almost two years in Madrid, I had the opportunity to visit the city as a tourist but also as a local.
Whenever I had the chance to, I loved to take the metro or walk to explore its parks.
I know that during the summer the city can get extremely warm, and parks are a great place to seek for heat relief while continuing to visit the city.

Here below you can find my top 7 favorite parks that I think you would love and should add to your travel list!

1. Parque del Retiro


The Retiro Park is undeniably my absolute favorite park in Madrid.
Projected two centuries ago in the heart of the city, it has been decorated with many statues and pieces of art, such as the Palacio de Cristal. It is actually part of the Reina Sofia museum and welcomes some temporary exhibitions. It isn’t, however the only location in the park for contemporary art – the Palacio de Velázquez nearby is also part of the same museum.
The most advised activities to tdo in the park are picnic brunches and the sunset views from the little lake. If you want a unique experience, you might even want to rent a boat and take a ride on the lake.

2. Casa de Campo


Casa de Campo is an incredibly extensive field just outside the centre that will make you feel as if you were in the middle of the Spanish countryside.
It is easy to reach by metro but you can also take the teleferico from Moncloa to enjoy the view over the city.
As well as being a great spot for sportive biking, you can also enjoy the little refreshing pool and the amusement park in it.
The must-do thing?
Keeping an eye out for the rabbits while wandering around the oark – they area secretely jumping around you!

3. Parque de San Isidro

If you are visiting the Spanish capital in the middle of May, you might want to immerse yourself in the culture of San Isidro night.
You will be surrounded by madrileños dressed in the typical clothes with concerts and A LOT of people for the city bank holiday.
You will also get the opportunity to join groups of people drinking and playing group games  and songs. But definitely get ready to bring a lot of water and patience along with you – you will need them to enjoy the fun!

4. Parque del Oeste


One of the most rated things to do in Madrid is the Debod Temple. It is a symbolic present for the help while reconstructing the temple valley in Egypt.
The place is another great and romantic spot to enjoy the sunset for its Western orientation and the view on both the Royal Palace and the Casa de Campo (see point two).
It is especially suggested if you visit the city in spring and love flowers – there is a big and colorful rose garden that will make you forget that you actually are in the middle of such a big city!

5. Parque del Tierno Galván

Tierno Galván is a way less touristic park, commonly visited by residents. You will therefore run across countless group of teenagers loudly chatting, and people walking their dogs along the artificial ponds.
Especially during summer nights, it hosts open air concerts and movies, and occasionally little music festivals.
Inside the park, you can find the Planetarium but also a very beautiful climbing wall.
The park is actually located on the side of a hill, which gives you the chance to see the city from another perspective.

6. Parque Juan Carlos I

Couple in Parque Juan Carlos I
A photoshoot I did in Parque Juan Carlos I

A little bit out of the city and near the airport area, there is another very residential park, usually filled with Spanish teenagers.
The park  hosts curious architecture works that make it quite an instagrammable spot – a great amount of photos by local artists were actually taken there!
The pieces, however, were taken to symbolize the variety of the Spanish culture and history. In case you didn’t know, for several centuries, the three main monoteistic religions and cultures peacefully co-lived in the countries, setting the basis for the current language and culture.
Nearby, you can also visit the Parque del Capricho. You might want to check their opening hours, though – they are very strict and specific.

7.  Parque de las Siete Tetas

The name literally means “park of the seven boobs”, and this is because of its hilly conformation.
With the centric metro line number 1, it can be reached pretty quickly from the city centre to enjoy another sunset among many other locals. The park is very unique and thanks to its view, it has been featured in many Spanish cinematic works.

Parque del Retiro, Madrid
Parque del Retiro

I really hope this will help you enjoy the city as much as I did, and can’t wait to see your pictures from one of the several Madrid parks!

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