5 green ideas to visit Northern Italy

As we all know, Italy is one of the best countries to visit. Its food, its culture and its UNESCO sites will make your travel list a pretty long one.
If you are a nature lover, however, you might not be aware of some of the best spots to visit the North-Eastern part. Most of them are, in fact, only known to locals or to those who have already visited them.

Let me share with you my favorite five spots, hoping they will inspire you to bring comfortable shoes in your luggage and will make you live a unique experience in Italy.


Ragazza sul ponte tibetano di Marano, Valsorda, Verona, Italia.
Ragazza sul ponte tibetano di Marano, Valsorda, Verona, Italia.

A great option for those who don’t have vertigo is the suspension bridge in Marano (Ponte Tibetano di Marano), a 40-minutes ride by car from the centre of Verona.
Is is possible to reach it from either the Northern or Southern access of the bridge, while descending or going up the valley.
Our visit was a bit adventurous and we ascended the valley to get to the Northern access. About 45 minutes climb among rocks, a stream, and the latter part in the wood. For the kids or those who want more of a relaxed path, it is more recommendable to take the path from the top of the mountain.
A couple of kms away from the bridge, there is the Park of Molina Waterfalls. The full-price ticket to  access to them is €7, with reduced options.
The waterfalls create some small natural pools that you can easily visit with kids. One of them also has a swing over the water, that usually fascinates the youngest visitors as well as the oldest ones.
The bridge and the waterfalls are usually quite crowded during the weekend, but during the week they are pretty quiet – we visited it on a Tuesday, and on the bridge we didn’t meet anyone.


Lago di Braies, Italia
Lago di Braies, Italia

Lago di Braies is for sure one of the spots in Italy that are really worth seeing. After becoming famous only in the past few years thanks to the Instagram phenomenon and among Italian people for a national series, it is know usually visited by many tourists.
The little trekking around the lake is of a hour and a half, and shines in all its beauty thanks to the light and for the quietness during the sunrise hours.
Only a few kms away from the lake, you can also find the UNESCO site of Tre Cime di Lavaredo, that you can visit with a circular path of about three hours. Half way through it, next to a lodge, there also are two small lakes where you can take a small break while enjoying another breathtaking view.



The inferior and superior lakes provide you with an opportunity to refresh from the summer heat and to explore  the area by taking one of the trails that start from the lakes. One of them takes to the welcoming and colorful Zacchi lodge, which is located in a perfect position on the side of the hill. The way up is not too difficult and allows you spend the night at the lodge or continue the trekking towards the border with Slovenia.
Highly frequented and recommended for both solo travelers and families.
The trail around the lakes has some root coming out of the ground, but a minimum attention while walking it allows all the trekker to visit it safely and at no risks.

If you want to read more about my solo trekking, you can read it HERE.



Between the provinces of Verona and Trento, in the so called Lessinia, it is possible to walk a trail of a couple of hours ascending the mount Carega. After the first part among the green flora and fauna, with deers running  across the track and the protected flowers edelweiss that fill the sides (remember to not touch them nor pick them!), the last trait requires a little sprint for the last stony part. Once at the top, the Fraccaroli lodge is ready to offer you a beautiful 360° view on the surrounding area and a more than deserved refreshment.
You can then decide to continue the trail and descend on the other side of the mountain or to get to way back on the side track, that has less incline.
This fourth idea is definitely more enjoyable by adults, but the level is not too high, even though it can be tiring for the little ones.



In the province of Vicenza, a few kms away from Bassano del Grappa, after some grappa tasting, a walk through the streets of the town, and having visited the towerbell to enjoy the unique view, there are the Oliero caves. For the price of €5 for the park only, you can visit the caves, one of them accessible only by a little boat.
With a small group, a guide will provide you with all the necessary information and will be available to answer to all your questions.

You can read more about the Oliero caves and Bassano del Grappa HERE.

From the Oliero caves you can also decide, in a group and by prior booking, to go rafting on the river Brenta.

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  1. Ahhhh northern Italy looks like something out of a dream, I’ve been so close to visiting but never got the chance too. It’s a bit overwhelming with so many places to visit but you’ve narrowed it down! Fusine lake looks absolutely gorgeous and trekking it solo must’ve been a nice adventure!

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