Pre-departure – Veronica goes back to wander.

Una Veronica Vagante is ready to go back to wander.

Extremely happy, super excited, over the moon.
But then I think about it a little better, I step my feet on the ground, and, in spite of the strong will, some anxiety shows up.

Let me explain what my next adventure will be more properly.

Leggilo in italiano: Pre-partenza – Veronica torna a vagare.


Who knows me well also knows that my head is already on another planet.
While my body is still hear, I’m already fantasizing about the Moon
and a couple of seconds later, about Mars.
So it happened that, while I was walking around Venice, I imagined myself on another island.
An island where I could there discover my real self.
With all green around me.
Maybe even a little mountain.
And the sea, the waves.
Like Hawaii.

While I’m writing from the library and I study for the last exams,
I cannot help but think about when I’ll be in the middle of the ocean,
living my experience, walking, seeing, taking photos.
Learning, getting to know, and talking.
Laughing, walking again, and eating.
But also working.
Yes, because I travelling is fun when it’s an adventure.
When you haven’t planned it all out
and when you manage to come back super tired but satisfied.
It’s just that this time I don’t know when I’ll fly back.
You got it right – I don’t really have a return ticket.
I stay till I resist – it could be my new motto.


Well, I haven’t said what I will to yet.
I’m going to the Azores. I’m leaving and I will get to Terceira, which, as the name says, is the third biggest island of the archipelago.
I will work a couple of hours per day in a camping in exchange of accommodation for at least a couple of weeks, and then we’ll see. I will decide whether I’ll stay or I’ll move island.
And then I don’t know, I can’t really tell you anything more cause I don’t know anything more than this.

But follow me. Here and on all my social media. You’ll find it out very soon, more or less when I know it – sooner it is quite difficult, don’t you think?


A hug from CFZ, my forever library.

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