BARCELONA – everything happens for a reason | 3 days

Every time I catch a bus, a train, a plane or even just put on my shoes,
that’s when I start my adventure.

And you know, adventure are made of a small quantity of planning, and a lot of changes;
many many photos, some new food, and new stories to tell.
I did it in Elche last summer, as I have been doing for all my life.

But this time, in Barcelona, I realized that every city I go to
actually means something more to me.
Something that is not related to a monument nor a person.
You know when you get back to your room and you are so tired that your mind goes wherever it wants?
Well, that is the moment when I think I have the greatest connection to myself.
I simply feel what I feel, I don’t have any restriction nor obligation,
and I usually am capable of using that moment to reflect.

In Barcelona, I came with the conclusion that everything happens for a reason.

As some of you know, I took my first trip to Barcelona in 2015, during my aupair experience.
I was with my fellow aupairs, and we visited many touristic sites, such as Park Guell, Rambla, Barceloneta etc.
Are you curious? You can spy it here.

But let me tell you all the story…



Last year I wanted to have another aupairing experience,
and therefore I signed up for one of those websites that match you up with possible families.
I started talking to some of them, and found a lovely family. We skyped a few times and stayed in touch with each other. Unfortunately, because of my studies, I didn’t have enough time to actually leave.
However, they ended up coming to Venice for the mother’s birthday, and I could meet them.
And this is how they invited me several times to Barcelona,
and how I couldn’t refuse another time.

Arenys de Mar

My tour in Barcelona was, then, quite different from the first one.
As soon as I exited the arrival area, the whole family was waiting for me.
Dani, Montse, Jan, and Nil.
Each one excited and nervous as I was.
I spent the first day visiting this little town on the coast.
We played all together, they showed me around, they introduced me to every single toy in the room, and then we had a walk on the beach.

Little story short: I wanted so bad to photograph wave that my feet got completely wet, AND I don’t have the perfect photo I aimed for. Next time, maybe?


The most surprising part of this trip was Montserrat, a mountain that hosts a beautiful monastery.
Inside the church, you can see the Moreneta, a famous portraits of the Virgin that was said to be found by some children playing around. As they weren’t strong enough to lift it up, the clergy was sure that it was a sign, and that the statue had to stay on the mountain. What they did was building a monastery.

However, the best part of Montserrat is the actual tracks you can treck around the mountain until the top.

The several stones rounded by the time and the flow of water,
created many figures that feeds your imagination.
In this way, among others, you’ll be able to see the obispo (bishop),
and pass next to numerous little churches, dedicated to different saints.
And once on the top, you’ll have a beautiful view on both Pyrenees and all the area surrounding Barcelona.
Even if at times it is quite steep and challenging, reaching the top is totally worth the effort.
My suggestion is to leave early in the morning not only to enjoy the sunrise lights, but also to enjoy the quiet and peaceful environment.


La Pedrera / Casa Milà – Gaudì

When talking about Barcelona, Gaudì is the artist we all think about. Park Guell, the Sagrada Familia… this time I visited Casa Milà, also known as the Pedrera.
We booked for the late afternoon, and the visit started from the rooftop.
By the time the lift brought us on the last floor, the sun was setting,
and all the visitors were amazed by the incredible colours.



La Pedrera offers a tour of a typical flat in Gaudì’s time, and while still nowadays most of the flats are occupied by offices, the one opened to the public replicates the architect’s household.




The most-known amusement park is Parkeventura, but Tibidabo is for sure a great option. On the hill right above the metropolis of Barcelona, offering a blast for the youngest traveller.
I had the greatest surprise when, just next to the entrance, we saw a church, known as the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor.

I was captivated by how Jan, one of the kids, was curious to know who used to live there, and gazed at everything with magical eyes, loving the fact that his dad allowed him to use a camera. He actually took photos of every single thing.



Flex&Kale is the place where anyone can find a meal that adapts to their diets.
From the vegan dishes to the vegetarian,
from the gluten-free to the meat dishes.
The philosophy of the restaurant is the flexitarian diet, that Dawn Jackson Blatner defines as “a dieting that minimizes meat without excluding it altogether”.

In the city centre of Barcelona, the restaurant is both affordable and very yummy, as well as very cute.

photo by @Flax&Kale

What would I suggest? Definitely Green Power Ravioli!



Everything happens for a reason.
And my reason was to bring me back.

21 pensieri su “BARCELONA – everything happens for a reason | 3 days

    1. Hi Ana,
      well, there are some things we built a lot expectations on, and it is very difficult that they can actually correspond to them.
      What’s more, there is a “battle” between Madrid and Barcelona, and you like either one or the other. I’m in love with Madrid, but I could appreciate Barcelona.
      My advice? Try to find something in the city that you love doing, and start from there. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your staying 🙂

      "Mi piace"

  1. What a meaningful experience, and how beautiful that it brought you back there again. I went to Barcelona in 2016 for 9 days and really enjoyed the city but wish I would’ve branched out to other cities in Spain. I didn’t want to rush though, and it was a nice visit.

    Piace a 1 persona

  2. How lovely of the host family to still invite you to visit even though you ended up not working for them! I love finding out culture through people like that.
    But also, the views from Montserrat are simply stunning! How long did the hike take you? It seems like a long way to go.

    Piace a 1 persona

  3. gastrotravelogue

    What a great experience. I love the fact that as an au pair you have so many opportunities. Monserrat also looks incredible. I would like to visit the monastery. I haven’t been to Spain in ages. Reading this I think it’s about time I plan another visit!

    Piace a 1 persona

    1. If you live the aupair experience in a positive way, it is amazing!
      And it’s incredible that the family has such a great bond with me to invite me even if I haven’t been properly working for them.
      I love Spain and I think there is so much to visit!

      "Mi piace"

  4. danncastillo

    I spent a month in Barcelona last year and I loved it! Especially Montserrat’s Monastry! My host family took me there and I found it so beautiful and interesting. I was shocked that this place was not more famous. All Gaudí’s architectuere is amazing as well! Thanks for sharing!

    Piace a 1 persona

    1. Hi Dan!
      You’re the first person I hear who have been there, too! Yes, you’re totally right. But probably it’s better that it isn’t that famous, so that you can actually have a real experience.
      Thanks to you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      "Mi piace"

  5. It seems you had such an amazing experience the second time around. And what a lovely family to have invited you for a visit! Haven’t been to Spain yet but am quite drawn to it and would love to travel to Barcelona and especially stop at Monserrat. Lovely photos!

    Piace a 1 persona


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