Marseille | street and art in 10 photos

Every city has some magic when you wander in its streets.
But, because of different factors, it can be challenging appreciating some of them.
And what is the reason why we love others?

Visiting a city means, to me, to explore it inch by inch and to walk around as much as possible.
Liking a city, on the other hand, means to love its streets, its colours…


This is the part of Marseille that gained a special place among all the other trips.

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Street Art

Marseille is a city with a varied culture.
While wandering, you’ll easily look into tons of different eyes. Some of them Arabic, other Muslim, others Provencals, and other simply French.
But when you walk around, you’ll understand what being multicultural means.
It means to find a Tunisian restaurant next to a French bakery, and a Chinese shop a couple of steps further a shop of the famous and beautifully fragrant Marseille soap.


One of the best known neighborhoods of Marseille is Le Panier.
It originally was the popular area, but has been renovated and reorganized and has now become the boheme neighborhood.

Most of the artists, then, live in these houses, and their exteriors could not be anything but another way of doing art.




Cours Julien is, instead, a zone with breathtaking graffitis.
I saved this area for my next trip to Marseille, but it is prettye easy to find lots of gorgeous photos online, like this one:


Street, without art

With or withour art, Marseille is an energic and dynamic city, that doesn’t neglect its romantic side, in classic French style.

The elegance in the color choice and in the organization is visible basically everywhere – the restaurant tables, the signs… anywhere!

If you don’t believe me, here’s the proof ☺




Leave your opinion:

Have you ever been to Marseille?
What are the most important things you need in order to really appreciate a city?

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