36 hours in Marseille – guide of a low-cost trip

The dream of every traveler is to explore each city so well that you can live it like a local.
But for different reasons, you often end up adapting your desire to the obligations and time.

So, between a book and some notes, I succeeded in making a battle plan in order to see the most of Marseille in the thirty-six hours ca I had available.


Frioul Islands

Every trip I take, I get more and more convinced about how important it is to visit not only the city centre, but also the rural areas.
I couldn’t make it to the Calanques, a natural park ten miles on the South of Marseille, but I absolutely had to go to the Frioul islands.


The first stop of the bateau is Chateau d’If, also know as the Castle of the Count of Monte Cristo.
With the following bateau, you get off to the other two islands, connected between them and perfect place for nature-lovers. And if you happen in a warm day, don’t forget to bring along your swimsuit and enjoy the little bays with their stunning blue shades.


(If you’d like to know more about the islands, wait for the next posts!)

Vieux Port

The Old Port is for sure one of the most marvelous areas.
The Sunday morning I arrived, the perfume of the sea, the seagulls’ calls, the spectacular colours of the famous Marseille soap, and the voices of the inhabitants welcomed me to the city.


The Canebière


The Canebière is the boulevard that, from the Old Port, gets directly into the city, impregnated with spices of the Arabic shops and the several restaurants.
My itinerary, then, went on till the Longchamp, a complex of gardens and palace, that currently hosts the Museum of Fine Arts.
Unfortunately it was Sunday, and the visiting hours had already finished…


Notre Dame de la Garde

marseille_bonne mere

The visit of Marseille in uncomplete if you miss Notre Dame de la Garde.
The basilique, reachable both by bus or on foot, overlooks the city from the top of the hill where it is situated.
The romanic-bizantine building is composed of a low church and a high one, covered in golden mosaics and dedicated to Virgin Mary. A Virgin Mary that, from the high of the towerbell, protects the sailors, the fishermen, and the whole Marseille population.
This is where the nickname Bonne Mère (Good Mother) originates from.

Marseille Free Walking Tour

The key of this plan in saving time and money has actually been the Free Marseille Walking Tour that, for a free offer, proposes a guided tour in English for the city, looking for authentic spots and cultural curiosities.

Le Panier

marseille_panier scalinata

Le Panier is the oldest neighborhood in the city, in which getting lost is mandatory.
Walking up and down, it is impossible to not get dragged into the art and the bohemian / hispter style.
(Make sure to not forget the camera!)


Where did I find my accomodation? 

I booked a bed in a four-bed dormitory at the Hostel Vertigo Vieux Port that, surprinsigly for me, it even had an en-suite toilet!
I couldn’t love it – clean, completely safe, with a warm atmosphere and my lovely roommates!

Which flights did I take?

I took advantage of the autumnal offers by Volotea, leaving at 7am on Sunday and coming back in the afternoon on Monday.
There are shuttles that, every 15 minutes, reach the main station from the airport of Marseille.

Where did I eat?

At the supermarket. The most low-cost option that allowed me to look around the shelves for the eating habits of French people.


Leggi il post in italiano qui: 36 ore a Marsiglia – guida di un viaggio low cost

21 pensieri su “36 hours in Marseille – guide of a low-cost trip

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  2. I think I like Marseille and going by your recommendations I’m adding it to my France places to go! It’s again my dream as well to travel a city like a local…I guess its a universal thing 😀 Love the Le Panier stairs and gosh the crowds at Notre Dame de la Garde!!! Worried if people actually get through those lines 😀

    Piace a 1 persona

    1. I stopped making the list because I couldn’t keep it in one place ahahah
      But if you ever go to the South of France, Marseille is definitely a stop to make!
      In the following weeks, I’ll write a post about the Frioul Islands – stay tuned 🙂

      "Mi piace"

  3. Ruth

    I do want to learn more about those islands! I think it is important to get out of the historic core too. I love cities and consider myself a city person. However, the country side can be more magical than the cities (happens to me all the time).

    Piace a 1 persona

  4. This looks wonderful! But, I want to know what book helped you? Was it a specific guide or something else? I have shelves of travel books, and it’s kind of an addiction. 🙂 I love the look of the market and the shopping areas, and I’d absolutely take advantage of the free tour – sometimes those are the best tours!

    Piace a 1 persona

    1. It’s meant to be a little guide based on the one I made for myself.
      I didn’t use any book, but posts on the web and other people’s experience.
      I also like to open google maps and have a quick tour there looking for nice spots.
      Last but not least, tourist information is very helpful!
      However, if you do like books, I have been told that Izzo writes stunning books set in Marseille 🙂
      I loved that tour! Very easy-going, interesting and totally entertaining!

      "Mi piace"

  5. Beautiful shots. I love “looking at the shelves for the eating habits of French people”. For whatever reason, I’ve found France does canned food really well….pates, terrines, duck confit, ratatioulle, cassoulet, and even some strange veggies (salsify??)

    Piace a 1 persona

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  7. Hi, what an amazing job you did by seeing all of this within 36 hours ! If you come back to Marseille later and want to see more, I advice you to go around the Cours Julien, the Vallon des Auffes and above all to go for a hike in Les Calanques !!

    "Mi piace"


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