That time when…

Reaching my twenty years, I felt the need to give myself something more.
I needed to feel the sensation of discovering the world just with myself.

And while these thoughts crawled in my mind,
the adviserting with flights offers kept growing visibly.

Could I let them go? Sure not!


Aftwer a couple of consultations between friends and websites, I bought a ticket return to Marseille, in mid October.

And at half past four in a typical Venetian morning,
my backpack, Leire (aka my camera) and I headed for our adventure.
An adventure with sea, sun, and lots and lots of wanderlust.

You are going to read more about my trip to Marseille next week…


Travelling alone wasn’t lonely at all.
Along the path, I met new friends, that, like me, were travelling for the first time completely on their own.

I rediscovered the kindness of the people who offer you smiles for a mumbled “Bonjour”.

I also rediscovered the beauty of details, that too often got lost among chats and laughter.

I learnt not to misunderstand other people’s fears as mine, and to listen to my tiny interior voice, that famous sixth sense that always knows more and you think.

So, don’t be afraid.
Buy a ticket, a random one, and travel.
There’s nothing more beautiful.


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9 pensieri su “That time when…

  1. Marteen Lane

    Sounds like you had a brilliant time! I didn’t travel abroad on my own until last year and I’m in my early thirties. It was the best thing I’ve ever done and wish I had done it sooner. I was always waiting for someone to come along with me but no one ever did. I soon realised that I would never go anywhere if I waited for someone to come with me. Well done!

    Piace a 1 persona


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