Trieste – one-day trip in Italy

There is a city on the border between sea and mountain, made of wide streets, beautiful buildings, and some daring hills.

There is a city where, still in these days, different cultures meet,
from the Italian to the Greek-Orthodox,
from the Slovenian to the Hebrew.


Piazza Unità d’Italia and Molo Audace

The beauty of the trip starts from the arrival by train, that follows the coast and shows you a breathtaking landscape. The same landscape that, as soon as you get to the train station, you’ll admire walking to Piazza Unità d’Italia, to Molo Audace, the infinity and beyond!


The Barcolana

And if you’re lucky, you get there during the Barcolana, an annual event that this year broke the world record for the number of participants.
A meeting point for the citizens of Trieste and the neighbour cities, with different stands for aperitives, craftsmanship, and some other touristic and local specialties.trieste_barcolanatrieste_barche

San Giusto’s Castle

And in a couple of minutes, with a laboured breath and, if you’re not that trained, sweating, you’ll suddenly find yourself in steep and narrow streets.
Slowly and slowly you’ll get to the stone-coloured castle, right on top of the hill.
It is San Giusto’s Castle, with its incredible view.
You can visit the armory inside the castle, or even just walk along the wall and admire the 360 degrees city panorama.


Parco della Rimembranza and Scala dei Giganti

When there still wasn’t Google Maps, and the only navigators were the maps, lived those who are remembered in the park at the bottom of San Giusto’s Castle. Young and less young soldiers dead during the war, to whom are dedicated the stops inside the park.


And for sure there weren’t maps, like the above mentioned, that show the Scala dei Giganti where it actually isn’t…


What to do, then? Well, look for it, and with some luck you’ll find it,
or ask to the pedestrians, walk down some steps, stop to take some photos and keep going down the steps, and continue walking in the city.


Wandering in the city

Wandering in the city is for sure the part I love the most about travelling, and on Sunday, when the traffic changes and the pavements are full of stands and little curiosities, its beauty is incredibily increased.


And that’s how, along the walk, we ran into a ballerina, a secondhand dealer, an African masks seller, and several streets I couldn’t help but taking a photo…trieste_stradina


Sinagogue, San Spiridone’s Temple and the Red Bridge

As I said at the beginning, Trieste is a city that has always been coloured by several different cultures, that gave to the city itself plenty of curious spots.
For this reason, when you least expect it, around the corner, you’ll bump into an Orthodox church with Greeks writings and decorated with amazing golden mosaics,
and a couple of neighbourhoods further, you’ll see a sinagogue and its bizarre geometric shape.
(By the way, I was actually wondering why a bridge should be called Red Bridge
even if it is not red…)

Have you visited Trieste?
What would you suggest visiting in one day?


Leggi la versione italiana: Trieste – cosa vedere in un giorno

24 pensieri su “Trieste – one-day trip in Italy

  1. Trieste looks like an underrated traveler destination! I’ve only ever been to Rome in Italy (sad, I know), but I’m keen on exploring more of the country. Trieste seems like such a melting-pot of cultures, it’s amazing! Your photo of the ballerina is lovely:) Thanks for introducing me to this marvelous place:)

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