ELCHE – three stories in a trip

Journeys are made of little stories we come across while on the road
that make us feel at home in the place we currently are.

As Verona wouldn’t be the same without Romeo and Juliet,
Elche wouldn’t be Elche without a couple of stories quite curious.

little lake in the Huerto del Cura

The Lady of Elche

“Dama de Elche”‘s copy in MAHE

One story is the Lady of Elche’s.
The Lady is a woman-bust, kept under the soil for centuries till a young man, digging, found what seemed to him a special decorated rock. But continuing digging, he brought back to life what is now the symbol of the city of Elche.
Its use was mainly for religious and sacred ceremonies, often related to the dead.
It is now exhibited in Madrid, while a copy of the original is kept in the MAHE – museum of archeology and history of Elche .

ancient vase in MAHE

El Misteri d’Elx

Elche, morever, holds the precious story of the Misteri d’Elx, too.
It’s a XV century’s tradition that tells the story of a wooden arch that arrived on Santa Pola’s shore, bringing to the city a picture of the Virgin.

The Mystery is an opera that is represented every August, 15th in the Basilica of Santa Maria, entirely in Valencian. Every character is played by a man, according to the ancient rule that prevented women from acting.

The unique feauture of the play is the descend of the angel, that is lowered by a manual mechanism from the top of the church.
Since 2001 it is an Oral and Inmaterial World Heriterage UNESCO.

view from the towerbell of Basilica de Santa Maria

El Huerto del Cura

Dama de Elche in the Huerto del Cura

The story of the chaplain José Castaño Sánchez and of his little garden became so big that it is now nicknamed imperial.

Sissi’s bust in the Huerto del Cura

It is another UNESCO heritage, and became famous after the visit of the empress Elizabeth of Austria (aka Sissi), who went there to admire the little story of a palm. A palm that growing generated from the main trunk 7 hijos.

the Palm and its seven hijos

I could tell you about the way back on the plane, 
the beautiful story of the man sat next to me that he shared with me,
but I think I’ll keep it for the next time.

the view on the Palmeral from MAHE’s wall

Meanwhile, don’t miss reading the two other articles about my trip in Spain – summer 2017.

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Leggi la versione italiana: ELCHE – tre storie in un viaggio

19 pensieri su “ELCHE – three stories in a trip

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  2. Love hearing about new places like ! Gorgeous photos of Elche. I didn’t know that this city has two international UNESCO awards. Wow, there are the wonderful palm parks to visit, the bell tower of the cathedral to climb… and the history of the chaplain José Castaño Sánchez is just fascinating 😉

    Piace a 1 persona

    1. I love exploring the maps looking for lost or uncommon places to visit because it is the feeling of discovering that I love. And that’s exactly what makes me love traveling. Well, actually the reasons why I love traveling are a lot, but that’s for sure one of the most important!

      "Mi piace"

  3. I had never heard of this place before, but I now want to visit it! I love your opening sentence for this post. It’s fascinating hearing stories about a destination, and they give it much more context and meaning. Your photos are gorgeous, and that garden looks incredible!

    "Mi piace"

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