SANTA POLA – where a journey began PART 2

And in a sunny morning, in a still asleep Valencia,
the Vagante Veronica already has the backpack on her shoulders,
ready to continue her trip in the south of Comunidad Valenciana.

Santa Pola’s coast

My second adventure.

(If you haven’t read the first part, click here!)

in Spain it is very easy to travel by bus,
a lot easier than by train.
For this reason, I decide to take one of the amazing Alsa buses (with wi-fi, plugs, and even film!).

Tabarca island from the lighthouse

After spending three hours admiring the landscape,
I found myself looking at all the faces in search of Inma‘s, a Spanish writer I met a couple of years ago in Verona.
Seeing her smile is like a relief, between a little talk in Spanish and a laughter, she begins to show me around her beautiful city.

Inma at the lighthouse

Less than a year ago, Inma moved literally next to the beach, near the sound of the waves and among the sea gulls.
In wintertime, she’s often the only inhabitant in the neighbourhood,
but during the summer, Santa Pola repopulates with smiling and noisy families and tourists.

Santa Pola’s beach early in the mourning

Inma dedicates herself to shape the world with her words,
but life forced her to take decisions, too,
and to create her own lifestyle.
What does it mean?
It means that she’s slowly getting to the destination, in a trip made of several improvements and the same amount of stops.
She fills her empty space with music,
and empties her energy in the texts she writes.

The Lighthouse

And with her, I started a journey made of shells, walks alone, and many, many, many photos.

Panoramic view from the lighthouse

A journey that began from the salinas, old reserve of sea salt still productive that hosts the natural habitat for flamingos and amazing scenarios at the sunset.
Nowadays it is a natural parc and it is possible to visit the Museo de la Sal.

Salinas at sunset
Salinas drive

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