Valencia – my adventure PART 1

A little and four big travellers.
Lots of photos, lots of sun, and uncountable wonders.

What is it?

My adventure in Valencia, of course!

The beginning.

Alarm at 4.30am.
All up.
Pants on, t-shirt too, luggage ready.

However, the day only starts in the boarding queue.
Everything is okay, everything as planned.

And we finally land in Valencia, centre of Comunidad Valenciana.
We collect our Valencia card, get on the metro and arrive at Xàtiva.

Behind us, the Arena (Plaza de toros) and the Estaciò del Nord,
in front of us the streets we are going to cover for the next seven days.

The adventure.

With the inseparable backpack, liters of water, stocks of food everywhere,

and my camera,

we walked and walked

to see as much as possible:

  • Bioparc – the greatest surprise of the holiday was this. A zoo set up as a park, with a lot of open spaces and easy, but efficient, trails. Crocodiles, lions, lemurs, deers… and then zebras, giraffes, chamaleons!valencia_lemuri
  • CIUTAT DE LES CIENCIES y HEMISFÉRIC – for those who love science, the visit at the City of Sciences is a must! The building provides the perfect environment for little experiments to discover how science works in real life situations.
  • OCEANOGRÁFIC – an aquarium divided in geographical areas in which you can see from turtles to sea lions, and from penguins to ducks.
  • TURIA (with PARQUE GULLIVER) – Turia is the bed of a river that went through the city, and is nowadays a several-km-long park, where you can run, have a walk or spend time with your family.
  • SAINT NICHOLAS CHURCH – considered the Spanish Cappella Sistina, it is an artistic wonder. The photo speaks for itself! 
  • L’ALMOINA – the perfect place to visit Valencia at Roman times. You can get to walk among tjeir streets, see their coins, and have a sneak peak at their homes.
  • MIGUELET – an infinity of steps for an infinit beauty at the endless horizon. From the top of the towerbell, you admire at each detail of such a big city, so wide and so colourful as Valencia. You notice the little spots you have been to, and the ones you will be at. (Here below you can have a look at what you can see from up there!) 
  • MERCADO CENTRAL – a gastronomic stop is mandatory – fish, a typical bocadillo, fruit, spices… You will for sure find something that will male you fall in love with this market! 
  • TORRE DE LOS SERRANOS – one of the twelve ways that in the Medieval times allowed the entrance to the coty to the serranos, the people from thw mountain, is now a Spanish heritage. A heritage that reminds us of how much everything was different centuries ago, but we are still walling on the same streets, climbing on the same steps e getting on the same trails.

    (… With some relax. But just to let our feet rest, eh!)

    Playa de la Malvarrosa – what a Spanish holidays is it without some beach?!

    We take the line 6, and we get off at exactly two stops after the unoversity campus. What a university!

    Bags, food, towels.

    We bled into the crowd of locals and turists in the caliente, noisy but welcoming beach.

    We walk, we run, we swim.

    We get lost in the waves of happiness and the feeling of being in heaven.

    A heaven that a couple of days later I will find again a little more southern…

    [to be continued…]

    If you follow me on instagram or if you read this post, you will already know that I posted the reasons why I love Spain.

    If you didn’t, go and check that out! 

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