15 days, 33 reasons why I love Spain

One month ago, my trip in Valencia and Elche (Alicante) was about to end.
So I thought I could collect and translate in this post my thoughts written while I was travelling.
Are you curious?

I love Spain because…


day 1

1 – because after being in Pamplona, nothing is as before. The first time I was in this country, I got the “Spain disease” (trust me, it does exist!);
2 – because it means exploring, curiosity, and beauty;
3 – because if a year ago I was in Berlin writing about how they were able to take advantage of their part in the Second World War, I am now writing about how beautiful Valencia (and Spain) is – the “Lonja de la Seda”, World Heritage, has been the most surprising!


day 2

4- because it can shock me and make me enjoy a zoo! (😱)
5- because among several Spanish people, how can you say who is Italian?! We’re just on the same page!
6 – because of 100 Montaditos. And churros. And paella. And the great colacao. Ah, and without a cucurucho, where do you want to go?! 🍦
7 – because “BERÓNICA, POR FABOR” always wins! 

day 3

8 – because, damn, I have to take my words back! Calatrava did an awful bridge in Venice, but la Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències is spectacular;
9 – because there’s not a single thing I would not photograph. Gardens, houses, bars… It’s getting out of control 😱📷;


day 4

10 – because if you order a “café con leche fria”, you’re more likely to get a “caffè macchiato” (with hot milk, of course) and a glass with some ice, rather than a simple coffee with cold milk in it.
11 – because if you’re not looking up above you, you’re not seeing anything.
The ancient buildings are a great work of shapes and colors, full of stories and life.


day 5

12 – because every time I think it can’t surprise me anymore, I find something breathtaking. In what I like to call my travel dairy, the list of the visited places keeps growing. I add streets, take note of the squares, write down buildings. Every one is different, each of them with its features ;
13 – because I would walk for kilometers and kilometers without ever stopping, just in order to see every single thing, each street, each place. Obviously at my quickest pace. I can’t miss one!

day 6

14 – because there’s always a good reason to spend time together, party, and joke. It is part of the Spanish DNA🎉;
15- because everything is culture. For the Gran Nit of Valencia’s Feria, they organized a big concert in plaza del Ayuntamiento, and several museums are open till midnight. Bands and many other initiatives are developed in the streets, and it is impossible to not stop and admire😍;


day 7

16 – because Sunday means sharing the day with the people you love, going to the beach, eating paella, turning up the music, and hoping it will not end too soon;

17 – because in Spain people work with each other, help each other, always and anyways.
But, at the same time, there are less social norms, and people act more naturally and impulsively;

day 8

18- because there isn’t a day without the sun wrapping and warming you up. In those months when there actually is a lot of it, you have to stock up on it;
19- because every excuse is a way to take some chairs, a pair of glasses, call friends and neighbours, and spend time together. Chatting, playing, sharing advice, taking some fresh air… everything is okay as long as you’re enjoying it;

day 9

20 – because it was an important part of a fantastic person, and even though he could be here physically, he has been here with us. He gave us a reason more to take advantage of the opportunities life gives us, and to get closer and closer, in order to remember who we are and what matters. Without this holiday, I would have missed way too many things. You gave us a marvellous gift, uncle!
21 – because summer is partying. You celebrate the joy, the need of having fun, and the cheerfulness. You celebrate because it’s a pity not doing it, and because, you know, rhythm is in every Spanish (or almost?) 🎶;

day 10

22 – because it makes me feel free.
Free from prejudices and habits.
It makes me feel free to explore, to take photos and simply to go.
It makes me feel free to discover and to be myself.
23 – because buses with wi-fi. And a television with movies. And even plugs for mobiles. 


day 11

24 – because “caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar”👣
25 – because in a few kilometres it can surprise me with its unique landscapes, so different from the ones I’m used to in Italy. The beach and the fish, the salt pans and the flamingos, the hill and the lighthouse, the mountains and the sunset…

day 12

26 – because I’m not afraid here. I have nothing to lose here.
Here I’m free to challenge myself, and it doesn’t matter if I fall. What matters is trying, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and the limits that, for whatever reasons, we put in front of us everyday;
27 – because every time I find breathtaking spots and dreamy landscapes. (I actually have to make sure that I’m awake to believe what I’m seeing!);
28- because the sun is a lifestyle. A sun that warms, sometimes burns, but shines.
29 – because being here means to slowly adapt to their customs. It means changing your mentality and daily routine. All the schedule is postponed, the alarm is delayed and the sleep can wait a little longer. Till 5pm no, you’re out of your mind, you can’t go out, it’s too warm!

tabarca ombrelli

day 13

30 – because the people I met here were meetings I will never forget. Their smile, their words, and their welcoming is worth more than many other things;
31 – because we all go to Spain to experience something different, and every time is an incredible adventure. Under the water, in the middle of the desert, on top of a mountain, or along a path, you know that what you’re living in that moment will stay forever.

day 14

32 – because hoping on a plane and going back home means already being planning the trip to go back. Going back to collect little pieces of you that you left on the road. But maybe, if you can, leaving some more there!
33 – because “home” isn’t just one. And home will be always waiting for you with open doors.

Thank you for another incredible adventure 

Leggi questo articolo in italiano.

Lee este articulo en español.

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